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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Jesse S. - Southbridge , MA

I Love this radio station. I first listened about two years ago driving in my car. I was going through a divorce and a gruesome custody battle. Whenever I needed that encouragement or leap of faith, The Q90.1 was always there. Since that point, I can humbly proclaim that the Lord has worked every miracle I asked for. Thank you for the encouragement given through this station.

Kerry - Cherry Valley, MA

I was so happy to be able to donate to your radio station. You have helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful to you. Whenever I need reassurance I just turn on your station and am able to feel God's love. After learning of my son's autism diagnosis I was filled with despair but you have helped me find the strength to help him and for that I am grateful :)

Diane - Charlton, MA

We have been listening to your station and LOVE IT! Thank you and God bless you and all you do for the community!

Holly - Chestnut Hill, MA

Excellent Place To Lift up Your Spirits! Awesome music even the kids will Love!!!

Linda - Oxford, MA

I was homeless up until a year ago. I listen to THE Q90.1 all the time now. My friends has a car and drives me around a lot. I asked him to put THE Q90.1 on and he said YES. He loved the station! So between talking about my faith in God with him and listening to this amazing radio station, he accepted the LORD yesterday!! Keep up the great work! God bless!

Cynthia - Leicester, MA

Praying to God we all can give more, glad to be back supporting you.

Maureen - N. Grosvenordale, CT

I just wanted to share with you what happen after we pledge our 20 a month to your station. We enjoy your station a lot but could only get it in the car and wished it would come in, in the house because we are always burning out CD players with our Christian music. We were in the car when we made our pledge and after we said God if we could only hear it on our house radio. That night it came in and we have been listening ever since. Thank God for our little answer prayer and you for inspiring us.

Herb - Spencer, MA

We enjoy your radio station very much. Your station does make a difference and we thank you for that! God Bless!

Todd, Kristin, and Abby - Charlton, MA

Great station, even better message!

Stacey - Woodstock, CT

We need more of your station reaching out in more areas!! I hope to be one of the ones who helps this happen for you! Arise and expand!!! Thank you for being here for all of us!! Music is key in all of our lives! I pray you all get very blessed financially, joyfully above and beyond your dreams!!! ♥