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Business Partnership With The Q90.1

Let's Connect Your Business or Ministry

The Q90.1 listener is both unique and extremely loyal. Not only to our on-air ministry but also to our amazing business and ministry partners from all over who continue to grow and support the mission here in Central Massachusetts.


When this highly engaged audience learns about your business or ministry on The Q90.1, it's like hearing about you from a close and trusted friend, as a special relationship together is born.

Through a widely diversified portfolio of both underwriting and marketing opportunities, The Q90.1 becomes a very effective way to present your message to the community and reap the benefits.

Please reach out to me directly so I can personally share how we can help you, 
at (508) 581-0270 or send me a message!


We look forward to serving you!
Matt Choiniere
Director of Marketing & Communications

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