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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the music on THE Q90.1?

As a radio station, we get LOTS of music every single day.  Our Program Director carefully listeners to each song.  Criteria used for on-air consideration are production quality, vocals/lyrics, musical sound that fits The Q's mission, etc.  Most of the music received never gets airplay on The Q90.1, as we carefully pick songs that we believe that YOU, the listener will be encouraged by.

If I love a song or don't like a song, how can I let you know?

Listener feedback is something we LOVE.  You can reach out through our Facebook page, or email

Do you ask listeners what they think about the music on THE Q90.1?

YES!  We have a music team, made up of listeners just like you, who rate clips of new songs we play on THE Q90.1.  This helps us know what you love or what you're not too crazy about. 

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