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Listen to The Q90.1, 20 min a day for 22 days!

You're invited to take the 2022 Challenge!

Make the trade. Anxiety for peace. Stress for joy. Fear for hope! It's simple. As you start the New Year, let us be your positive hits station by listening to The Q90.1 or 20 minutes a day, for 22 days. The more you listen, the more you'll watch those fears and anxieties fade away. Why not make 2022 your best year ever, by starting it with the 2022 challenge!

1. Download The Q90.1 App onto your phone or tablet and pair it with your bluetooth speaker at home or work.  (Apple) (Google Play)

2. Use your Smart Speaker to listen at home. Ask Alexa to play “The Q90.1”)


3. Simply stream the music right here on The Q90.1 Website! By clicking the Listen Live button!

You’ll get the same uplifting upbeat music and fun conversations to help you get through your day!   We're glad you're listening to The Q90.1.