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The Q90.1 Boosts it's Coverage!

by Ryan Gagne August 18, 2023

"I love the station but I lose you often". That's the sentiment I've heard for over 10 years. Hey it's Ryan and I've shared that frustration with you for almost a decade! UNTIL NOW!!

Earlier this month, the FCC GRANTED your Q90.1 to finally "Flip the Switch" to our brand new signal, that is much stronger and more reliable. Places like Worcester and surrounding towns, PLUS some brand new areas now have The Q90.1! Together, we were able to turn on the new signal just after 7PM (on Monday). Our engineers will fine tune some things over the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to let you know so you can tune in and hear The Q90.1 better here in Worcester County. Most importantly, how God is going to reach upwards of 400,000 MORE people right here in our region with the hope of Jesus through music and encouragement.

Please let us know where you're listening from in greater Worcester and how it's sounding?

It's because of faithful listeners like you, James through your prayers and financial partnership, The Q90.1 is here to reach LOCAL people here in Worcester County with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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