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Vacation Bible Schools and Camps are a great way to get your kids plugged in to something fun and meaningful for the summer.  There are many partnering churches of The Q90.1 hosting special VBS events this summer.  Here's a running guide of where you can get your kids plugged in this summer to get their faith encouraged (and maybe give you a much needed break).

St Jospephs Church.png

July 17 - 21 @ 9AM - 12:30PM
St. Jospeh's Church, Charlton, MA

St. Joseph's Church VBS 2023 Reg.

High Pointe VBS.jpg

July 24-28 @9AM- 12PM
High Pointe Church, Thompson, CT

High Pointe VBS Reg

Oak Hill VBS 2023.jpg

July 31 - Aug 4 @ 6 - 8PM
Oak Hill Bible Church, Oxford, MA

Oak Hill Bible VBS 2023 Reg.

Charlton Baptist Stellar VBS 2023.png

July 17 - 21 @ 9AM - 12PM
Charlton Baptist Church, Charlton, MA 

Charlton Baptist VBS Reg.

Brookfield Congregational Stellar VBS 2023.jpg

July 24-28 @ 9AM - 12PM
Brookfield Congregational Church, Brookfield, MA
Brookfield Congregational VBS Reg.


August 7 - 11 @ 6 - 8:30PM
Greenville Baptist, Rochdale, MA

Greenville Baptist VBS 2023 Reg.

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